EUCROF Outcome of UK Referendum on EU Membership

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Dear Members and friends,

I have just received this message directly from Guido Rasi, EMA Executive Director. Please take care to distribute it to all your Members and colleagues.

With all respect for the decision of UK citizens, I still believe in a future of Europe as one nation, with common interests to defend, particularly for the new generations to come. Our competitors are overseas.

In case your companies or your business are somehow hit by this event, please share your case and we will verify if our representativeness gained with all our effort may somehow support you.
I will certainly keep you updated on any new information.


Stefano Marini MD,
Mob.: +39 335 377 929 Bellen: +39 335 377 929

Dear Industry Stakeholders,

As you already know, the results of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union announced this morning indicate that a majority of the citizens of this country are not in favour of the UK remaining a part of the European Union. The EMA respects the UK citizens’s decision and it is now up to the UK government to decide how to act upon the outcome of the referendum.
Article 50 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU foresees the procedure to be followed in case a Member State notifies the European Council of its decision to withdraw from the Union. As no country has ever decided to leave the EU, there is no precedent for this situation.
I am writing to inform you that although it is too early to foresee the implications of this decision, we are in close contact with the EU institutions.

Until the implications of this decision are formally communicated to us by the EU institutions, all of the Agency’s operations and procedures will continue as before. EMA will continue with its work to protect human and animal health, and ensure access to medicines that are safe, effective and of good quality.

I would like to assure you that maintaining the strong relations that we have built with all of our stakeholders is very important to us.
We will keep you regularly updated as new information emerges.

With kind regards,

Guido Rasi
Executive Director

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