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The EUCROF Pharmacovigilance Working Group (PV WG) was formed about two years ago and is currently involved in multiple activities relating to pharmacovigilance. This presentation will give you a brief insight into our objectives and achievements so far. Being an official stakeholder with the EMA for PV, it is crucial for us to develop a direct relationship with organisations such as yours, which will allow us to represent your issues and concerns, and give us a mechanism to keep you updated with input from our contacts with the EMA. Furthermore, pharmacovigilance personnel from your organisation are encouraged to apply for active participation in EUCROF’s PV WG’s activities either as a permanent member of the group or as an expert in a specific area with sporadic contribution upon need/request. WG members have found this to be a valuable opportunity to expand relationship networks, to participate in EMA consultations and for personal development.

In order to identify pharmacovigilance personnel in your organisation, the PV WG has created a short online questionnaire that takes only a couple of minutes to complete. This “expression of interest” form can be completed here:

By participating in this survey, you will help us identify pharmacovigilance personnel along with their expertise and interests.

We thank you in advance for forwarding this message to PV staff in your organisation who may be concerned with pharmacovigilance activities throughout the product lifecycle, including studies, non-study activity, etc.

The EUCROF PV Working Group

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