Input gevraagd voor Europees onderzoek naar toetsingstijd GMO studies

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De Innovative Medicine Working Group van EUCROF onderzoekt de verschillen tussen landen bij het opstarten van studies met genetically modified organisms (GMO). Voor dit onderzoek zijn zij op zoek naar input vanuit verschillende landen. Wil je meedoen? Lees dan onderstaand bericht:

Dear all,
I am Dolores Pérez, the chair of the Innovative Medicine Working Group. This WG is focused on Advanced Therapies. As you already know, the differences in the Advanced Therapies Legislation between countries are very notorious.  

The members of the Innovative Medicine WG are elaborating a document with the differences between countries in the pre-initial requests for start-up of clinical trials with genetically modified organisms (GMO). We will publish the document in a journal with a high impact factor. We need information for different countries. If you want to collaborate with us, you will be co-authors of the final publication.

If you want to collaborate and participate in this project, please fill in the attached questionnaire. (click link) Please if you have any question, contact me by email. Send the email with the information of your country to me: <dolores> and cc: Assia Rosati EUCROF <>

Thank you in advance for your collaboration
Best regards
Dolores Pérez Méndez
Técnico y consultor en Terapias Avanzadas

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