Potentiële Brexit-impact op het uitvoeren van klinische onderzoeken

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Solutions For Life Sciences (SFL) is happy to share with you two articles ​exploring the potential impact of different Brexit scenarios regarding:

  • Disclosure of Clinical Trials Data in the context of commercially confidential information, informed consent forms, rights of trial subjects and disclosure of information between the then separated jurisdictions of post-Brexit UK and the EU-27.
  • Privacy Law in Clinical Trials Data Exchange on the interplay of the upcoming Clinical Trials Regulation with the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as the new regulatory measures brought along.

These two articles analyse the potential Brexit impact on the conduct of clinical trials depending on the extent of alignment or divergence between a post-Brexit UK and the EU-27. This comes right in time prior to the forthcoming EU Summit (28-29 June) that is supposed to be a milestone in coming closer to the final Brexit scenario. You can download these articles here. Feel free to share these important insights with your professional network.

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