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De ACRON wil graag meer bekendheid creëren rond het werk wat door haar leden wordt uitgevoerd. Wat gebeurt er in een CRO? Welke functies zijn er en wat zijn de carrièreperspectieven? Elke nieuwsbrief komt een andere medewerker of bedrijf aan het woord.

Bedrijf: ClinLine door Berber Snoeijer (General Manager / Consultant)


ClinLine is a consultancy company dedicated to the clinical data process. We work as an initiator and together with other providers in optimizing the clinical research processes of pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s. We look at the technical aspects, the procedures, quality processes but also at the human side of performance. By considering the combination of these aspects, the clinical data processes can be optimized and time to market can be reduced.

With our extensive knowledge of and experience in real world data we are a good partner for pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s for incorporating this data in the regular clinical data process.

Our activities range from smaller assignments in design of tools, procedure review, data engineering and data science towards design of processes, business architecture and operational (interim) management.

What is your added value to clinical research in the Netherlands?
Reduce costs and time to market in clinical research by optimizing clinical data processes, procedures and human interaction. Introduce Real World Data in the regular clinical trial processes.

Career perspectives and possibilities
As ClinLine is a start-up, our task force consists of close collaborations with other national and international companies. It also means that the way the company evolves is open for the future including the career possibilities in the company.

What do you think is the biggest challenge fort the conduct of clinical research in the Netherlands?
In the last decades the processes in clinical research are firmly set and controlled. With all new data sources emerging, new technologies and big real world data being introduced, the options for improvement, new trial formats and corresponding processes are tremendous. However, it also imposes huge challenges in how to incorporate this data and techniques efficiently, with good quality and in organized and transparent steps.

What do we expect from ACRON?
Networking, to learn from each other and to find collaborations.

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