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Zoals aangekondigd, zal op 15 april ons online matchmaking event plaatsvinden. Om al een tipje van de sluier op te lichten, stellen we hierbij MediCapital Rent alvast aan u voor. Tijdens het online matchmaking event kunt u nog meer horen over dit bedrijf, en de kennismaking verder uitbreiden.

At MediCapital Rent, we support clinical trials by supplying medical rental equipment and logistics services on site. With a focus on clinical research, we understand the important role of medical equipment for drug development programs.

Let’s take a quick look at who we are and what we do:

In addition to the investigational product (IP), clinical trial sites require ancillary materials like diagnostic-, testing- and processing equipment. Think about infusion pumps, centrifuges, disposable products, freezers, wearable devices, ECG machines, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, incubators, and a lot more! This is where MediCapital Rent can step in with a global presence and over 25 years of experience.

We currently have around 400 studies running in 77 countries. We take care of all aspects of medical and laboratory equipment, consumables, and related materials for those studies from initial enquiry to site closedown.

We partner with clients to develop custom, optimized solutions at the very start of clinical research projects. We do this by engaging our customers and matching requirements with capabilities. This way, we support clients to select the right equipment and materials at a cost that is transparent and fully predictable for the duration of the study.

At MediCapital Rent, we believe in the power of transparency and reliability. In the end, helping our customers achieve their goals is what we aim for. Feedback from our partners and clients indicates that they choose to work with MediCapital Rent because of our involvement, flexibility, and personal approach.

Mw. C. Eilering

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