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About us

The ACRON is the industry association of 45 CROs in the Netherlands. 

ACRON connects and represents the Dutch CRO industry, national and international, thereby fostering clinical research that contributes to tomorrow’s healthcare.

The Netherlands has the potential to play a leading role in Europe in conducting clinical research. It is crucial that the Netherlands maintains and strengthens its competitive position, including by accelerating the entire chain of clinical research. ACRON, as the representative of CROs based in the Netherlands and related companies involved in clinical research, aims to contribute to this. ACRON advocates for the interests of its members, serves as a dialogue partner for stakeholders in the field, and is represented in various working groups involved in the formulation and improvement of guidelines, rules, codes of conduct, and procedures for the effective and efficient conduct of clinical research. ACRON encourages active involvement from its members, provides them with relevant industry information, and offers networking opportunities and knowledge enrichment through the organization of meetings and symposia.

Our ambitions

By focusing on both internal and external communities, we enhance our visibility and promote partnerships with other organizations.

Focus areas

The ACRON board has defined its objectives and ambitions, resulting in three focus areas that enhance the direction of our organization’s activities. These activities are designed to establish a connection with our members by addressing what they consider important, identifying areas where our organization can meet their needs, and determining which activities members are willing to participate in. Our overarching goal remains to advocate for the interests of our members. In line with this, we aim to gain more support and encourage CROs that are not yet members to join ACRON.


By focusing on both internal and external communities, we enhance our visibility and promote partnerships with other organizations.

Competitive Position

The upcoming new EU regulations and delaying factors in the initiation of Dutch multicenter studies have placed the competitive position of the Netherlands as a research hub high on the agenda. CROs are increasingly involved in research, making it even more crucial for ACRON to work towards strengthening the position of the Netherlands.

Networking & Lobbying

To strengthen our position as a dialogue partner and increase our influence – as well as that of CROs – it is important to expand our network. We advocate for the interests of our members, seek to influence decision-making at both national and international levels, improve the research environment in the Netherlands, and manage the flow of information


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Strengthening the community is a pivotal focus of our organization, essential for achieving our long-term objectives. 
The key concept here is “participation”; this involves participation in decision-making structures, engaging with all employees across our companies,
fostering collaboration and united efforts, as well as sharing knowledge with one another. The communication working group employs all available resources to attain this goal.

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