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Our Initiatives

As ACRON, we are wholeheartedly committed to our members by launching innovative initiatives. We provide comprehensive, organize networking events, and offer up-to-date industry information. Our aim is to enhance the professional growth and development of our members and to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing within our community.


ACRON, the Association of Contract Research Organizations in the Netherlands, plays a pivotal role in shaping favorable policies for the sector, both nationally and globally. By representing nearly half of the Dutch CROs in the business and political landscape, ACRON aims to enhance the quality of clinical research and improve the conditions under which it is conducted.


One of the key activities of ACRON is organizing events and symposiums where important topics such as 'Digitization in healthcare' and its impact on clinical research are discussed. At these meetings, topics like the need for modern endpoints that reduce patient burden, validation of new endpoints using wearables, and decentralized trials are covered.

Knowlegde Scharing

At ACRON, we leverage focus groups to drive change and provide our members with vital insights. These groups delve into industry trends and information, empowering members to stay ahead in the dynamic clinical research landscape. Our collaborative approach ensures our community remains at the forefront of innovation and knowledge.