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Contact Person: Barbara Dormans / Robert Kimman
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Phone Number: 036-7410147
Website: www.ebmedicalresearch.nl
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EB Medical Research (formerly known as EB FlevoResearch) has been an independent research site in Almere, the Netherlands, for over 20 years, conducting clinical trials on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and (functional-) food companies. We have a small, highly experienced team and are one of the few independent centers in the Netherlands. Sometimes EBMR also works with satellite locations to increase reach.

The Principal Investigator of EBMR has been working in clinical research for 23 years (since 2004 at EBMR, prior to that at St. Antonius Hospital and Medical Research Centre Utrecht), and other key personnel also have more than 10 years of experience in clinical research.

For specialized procedures (e.g., medical writing, psychologists, MRI scans, gynecologists, and also laboratories), we collaborate with a network of specialists and hospitals.

EBMR recruits subjects from its own database (more than 5,000 candidates) and/or with the help of recruitment offices, advertisements, etc. Continuous recruitment for other major studies ensures ongoing recent/current additions to the file, including patients and “healthy/general” interested parties. Participants generally rate their experience with participation in our studies very highly (in 2023 an average score of 8.8 out of 10, given by 223 respondents).
EBMR conducts studies ranging from about 6 to 300 subjects on its site.

We handle various types of indications, mainly phase 3 studies, but also sometimes phase 1 and 2 (depending on the risk profile of the study). In total, we have had more than 600 subjects in our studies in 2023.

The management is actively involved in the recruitment of participants and the execution of the studies.
USPs: Short lines of communication (no costly overhead), rapid start-up, extensive experience, driven recruitment, and involvement in the research.

If you are interested in getting acquainted, please do not hesitate to contact us.