Leden van de ACRON

Op dit moment zijn 45 bedrijven lid van de ACRON. Hiermee vertegenwoordigen wij ongeveer 1200 medewerkers in de CRO branche in Nederland.

Het doel van de ACRON is om zoveel mogelijk CRO’s in Nederland te vertegenwoordigen, van ZZP’er tot multinational. Wilt u zich ook bij ons aansluiten? Het secretariaat stuurt u graag en vrijblijvend een informatiepakket. Bekijk hieronder het actuele ledenoverzicht van de ACRON.

Ledenoverzicht ACRON

  • Alimentiv BV
    Alimentiv BV

    Alimentiv is headquartered in London (Canada) with offices in San Diego (California, USA) and Amsterdam, (The Netherlands) providing global coverage for our services. Our capabilities include a comprehensive range of clinical research services, from program evaluation and design to trial implementation, site monitoring, datamanagement and the analysis, interpretation and reporting of results.

    A recognized leader in clinical trial research, Alimentiv is well connected to science and discovery with our global network of IBD specialists and key opinion leaders.

    Dhr. P. Westerveld peter.westerveld@alimentiv.com
    Website: https://www.alimentiv.com/

  • Allucent

    Allucent is on a mission to help bring new therapies to light by solving the distinct challenges of small and mid-sized biotech companies. The company is purpose-built through the convergence of leading providers to address this unmet need. Today, Allucent is a global provider of comprehensive drug development solutions, including consulting, clinical operations, biometrics and clinical pharmacology across a variety of therapeutic areas. With more than 30 years of experience in over 60 countries, Allucent’s individualized partnership approach provides experience-driven insights and expertise to assist its clients in successfully navigating the complexities of delivering novel treatments to patients.

  • Ardena Bioanalysis BV
    Ardena Bioanalysis BV

    Ardena Bioanalysis BV is an independent contract bioanalytical laboratory since 1969, located in Assen. Ardena Bioanalysis BV is specialized in the analysis of endogenous and exogenous compouns in biological matrices derived from humans and animals.

    Niels Nijstad niels.nijstad@ardena.com
    Website: http://www.ardena.com

  • BiKE

    The UMCG has over 50 years of biobanking research experience, both clinical as well as population studies. The oldest (Vlagtwedde-Vlaardingen, 1965) and largest population-based studies (LifeLines) originate from the UMCG, and all leading clinical research groups have organized clinical biobanks, like COPD, renal failure, transplantation, several cancers, gastro-intestinal diseases, etc. UMCG biobanking researchers are involved, often in a leading position, in all major European biobanking initiatives, as well as in the national biobanking structures (BBMRI-NL, PSI).

    Knowledge on the logistics of biobanking research is not found in textbooks, neither on dedicated statistical analyses or laboratory procedures for large scale data and samples. Because of the long-lasting experience, scientists and policy makers with plans or problems on biobanking increasingly contact UMCG/LifeLines. These questions come from local colleagues and (inter)national researchers.

    To embed this knowledge and expertise in the UMCG and LifeLines, BiKE has been established: the Biobanking and cohort studies Knowledge and Expertise Center. BiKE provides a range of services for biobank researchers: notably teaching, large scale data handling & storage, bio sample handling & long term storage, Biobanking ICT infrastructures.

    Dhr. B. Scheerder b.scheerder@umcg.nl
    Dhr. J. Sikkema j.sikkema@umcg.nl
    Dhr. J.M. Wijbenga j.m.wijbenga@umcg.nl
    Website: www.biobank.bike


  • Castor EDC
    Castor EDC

    Founded in 2012 by healthcare and research professionals who experienced problems with data management and a lack of user-friendly tools, Castor EDC is an easy-to-use cloud solution for securely capturing clinical research data and running clinical trials. We have a suite of solutions that can support CRO’s by delivering a modern, well designed, user friendly and capable EDC system with top rated customer support and services.Our goal is to make the world’s research data reusable, enabling AI-driven clinical trials, and ultimately creating a future in which we maximize the impact of data through reuse.

    Dhr. F. Morang floris.morang@castoredc.com

  • Centre for Human Drug Research
    Centre for Human Drug Research

    Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) provides a full range of early stage clinical pharmacology services. CHDR specializes in early proof of pharmacology and in the complex process of drug development, we offer an efficient route towards proof of concept in patients. By conducting highly informative early-phase clinical studies, development risks can be minimized and costs can be reduced.

    Dhr. Prof. J. Burggraaf KB@chdr.nl
    Dhr. Dr. R. Zuiker RZuiker@chdr.nl
    Website: http://www.chdr.nl

  • Clinfidence B.V.
    Clinfidence B.V.

    Clinfidence provides high quality clinical data management and pharmacovigilance services for clinical trials since 2016. Our highly experienced and dedicated people take a client-oriented approach to provide clients with the best solutions that fit their clinical trial.

    Mw. Nicole Spelier-Claessens nicole.spelier@clinfidence.com
    Website: https://www.clinfidence.com/

  • Clinical Trial Center Maastricht (CTCM)
    Clinical Trial Center Maastricht (CTCM)

    Clinical Trial Center Maastricht is de professionele ondersteuner van mensgebonden onderzoek. Samen met haar partners tracht het, om als toonaangevende Academische Research Organisatie, een waardevol wetenschappelijk resultaat na te streven.

    CTCM kan als partner fungeren voor iedere individuele onderzoeker, onderzoeksinstelling, of firma, op het gebied van mensgebonden onderzoek, variërend van monocenter tot multicenter onderzoek in heel Europa.

    Het uitgebreide pakket aan diensten omvat alle aspecten van ondersteuning voor mensgebonden onderzoek. Deze dienstverlening voldoet aan de hoogste kwaliteitsnormen en richtlijnen.

    Mw. V. van Wegberg v.van.wegberg@mumc.nl
    Website: http://www.ctcm.nl

  • Clinical Trial Service BV (CTS)
    Clinical Trial Service BV (CTS)

    Clinical Trial Service BV (CTS), founded in 1993, optimizes medical scientific research at strategic and operational level in the life science industry and healthcare. We are an innovative and dynamic CRO where dedicated research professionals are the basis for our services and products. We offer solutions focused on  increasing efficiency and quality. Our International Home Care Service where research nurses visit patients at home to perform clinical trial visits, results that patients stay longer in the trial and are more compliant. This service is unique and rated as excellent by the sponsors, sites and patients.

    Clinical Trial Service BV  is a full-service provider in medical scientific research in Europe:

    Submit clinical trials to Medical Ethics Committee and Competent Authorities for obtaining approval;
    Set up – execute – manage and monitor your clinical trials;
    Advice and Consultancy in setting up and carrying out your clinical trials;
    Training for investigators, research staff and teams in legislation and regulations such as ICH-GCP E6, ISO 14155: 2011, focusing on daily practice;
    Managing and Conducting of International Home Care Visits by research nurses;  nursing / medical procedures for clinical trials at patients’ home, in all European countries.

    Mrs. Mirjam J.P. Bruggink, founder and CEO mirjam.bruggink@clinicaltrialservice.com
    General company email address : contact@clinicaltrialservice.com
    Website: http://www.clinicaltrialservice.com

  • CR2O

    CR2O is a full-service Contract Research Organization.

    Mission and Vison: We are your clinical operations partner for every service and challenge during your clinical trial life cycle. We contribute to the development of innovative therapies for those in need, by leveraging our immunology & infectious disease experience and network. Our pioneering employees and personal approach lead to operational excellence, paving the way for new treatments with positive societal impact.

    Services: We offer the full range of clinical trial services and have a highly motivated and experienced cross-functional team that helps you to effectively bring your project to the clinic. Our integrated project teams enable seamless transition between the domains we service: Clinical Trial Management, Regulatory Strategy & Affair, Grant Proposal Development, Data Management & Biostatistics, Pharmacovigilance & Medical Monitoring, Insourcing, Quality Management & Auditing, and Medical & Scientific writing.

    Right-size CRO: Our network of internationally recognized academic leaders contributes to the design, conduct and interpretation of clinical trials in the field of immunology and infectious disease. Combined with operational excellence, this scientific expertise uniquely qualifies us as an attractive partner during the clinical development process. To our customers, we are the ‘right-size’ full-service CRO: big enough to deliver, small enough to care.


    Dhr. N. van den Bulk nick.vandenbulk@cr2o.nl
    Mw. E von Mauw Ellemieke.vonmauw@cr2o.nl
    Website: www.cr2o.nl

  • Curewiki

    At Curewiki, we are dedicated to helping patients find the right clinical trial that matches their unique pathology or profile, available 24/7 all year round. Understanding that crucial treatments may emerge at any moment, we’re committed to ensuring patients do not miss out on potentially life-saving opportunities. Independent, we stand alongside medical researchers in a united fight against time. Join us in this critical mission today, and be part of a movement that brings groundbreaking treatments to those who need them most.

    Curewiki’s streamlined patient recruitment: how does it work?

    Companies seeking to streamline the process of recruiting patients/volunteers for clinical trials are invited by Curewiki to forward their trials NCT-numbers (or other Trial ID). This simple step grants them access to the Criteria Validation Page. After validation, Curewiki’s system diligently aligns registered patients with the specified disease to the verified trial criteria. Once a match is established, these potential participants can reach out directly to the respective investigation sites.

    Dhr. R. Divendal roel@curewiki.health

  • Diagram B.V.
    Diagram B.V.

    Diagram is a globally operating independent full service CRO able to support with the development, organisation and execution of clinical scientific research.

    The company was founded in 1996 in the Netherlands. In the past years, Diagram has acquired considerable expertise in supporting cardiovascular research, including trials performed in the ambulance (pre-hospital phase) and e-Health projects.

    Diagram’s quality management (NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified), strongly developed integrated ehealth and information management team, data management and statistics team, project management team and international focus, makes them different from other CRO’s.

    Diagram primarily focuses on Principal Investigators (so-called “investigator initiated studies”), start-up’s both in the Netherlands and abroad and the pharmaceutical-, medical device- and e-Health industries.

    Diagram deems a high quality level, including compliance and monitor timelines. In addition, the CRO plays a leading role in projects investigating new technological developments, such as e-Health, in a scientific setting.

    Mw. L. van den Brink-Drok: l.vdbrink@diagram-zwolle.nl
    Mw. S. Postma: s.postma@diagram-zwolle.nl
    Website: https://www.diagramresearch.com/

  • EAU Research Foundation
    EAU Research Foundation

    The EAU Research Foundation (EAU RF) was established in 2007, as an independent foundation.

    The EAU Executive Board acts as the foundationǯs Board of Trustees – this ensures close ties between the two organisations. The European Association of Urology currently provides most of the EAU-RF funding, enabling the foundation to perform independent research. Furthermore, this tight cooperation helps to align goals and to be consistent in the implementation of projects in the field of urology research.

    Dhr. dr. W.P.J. Witjes w.witjes@curatrial.com
    Mw. C. Caris c.caris@curatrial.com
    Website: https://uroweb.org/research/

  • EB Medical Research
    EB Medical Research

    EB Medical Research (formerly known as EB FlevoResearch) has been an independent research site in Almere, the Netherlands, for over 20 years, conducting clinical trials on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and (functional-) food companies. We have a small, highly experienced team and are one of the few independent centers in the Netherlands. Sometimes EBMR also works with satellite locations to increase reach.

    The Principal Investigator of EBMR has been working in clinical research for 23 years (since 2004 at EBMR, prior to that at St. Antonius Hospital and Medical Research Centre Utrecht), and other key personnel also have more than 10 years of experience in clinical research.

    For specialized procedures (e.g., medical writing, psychologists, MRI scans, gynecologists, and also laboratories), we collaborate with a network of specialists and hospitals.

    EBMR recruits subjects from its own database (more than 5,000 candidates) and/or with the help of recruitment offices, advertisements, etc. Continuous recruitment for other major studies ensures ongoing recent/current additions to the file, including patients and “healthy/general” interested parties. Participants generally rate their experience with participation in our studies very highly (in 2023 an average score of 8.8 out of 10, given by 223 respondents).

    EBMR conducts studies ranging from about 6 to 300 subjects on its site.

    We handle various types of indications, mainly phase 3 studies, but also sometimes phase 1 and 2 (depending on the risk profile of the study). In total, we have had more than 600 subjects in our studies in 2023.

    The management is actively involved in the recruitment of participants and the execution of the studies.

    USPs: Short lines of communication (no costly overhead), rapid start-up, extensive experience, driven recruitment, and involvement in the research.

    If you are interested in getting acquainted, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Mw. B. Dormans b.dormans@ebmedicalresearch.nl
    Dhr. R. Kimman r.kimman@ebmedicalresearch.nl
    Website: https://www.ebmedicalresearch.nl/

  • Emsere

    Emsere is a medical equipment solutions provider for clinical trials and delivers global logistics services to suit study-specific needs.

    Founded in the Netherlands and formerly known as both MediRent and MediCapital Rent, Emsere leverages over 25 years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the clinical trial process to provide customers a worry-free clinical trial equipment experience.

    Their global coverage with customs clearance and study tracking of budget, inventory and delivery details, provide service from study startup to study completion.

    With offices in the Netherlands, United States and Singapore, Emsere’s equipment and supplies extend to thousands of products – a rental fleet with over ten thousand devices and serving over 9,000 investigator sites to customers all over the world.

    Mw. M. Heida marieke.heida@emsere.com

  • Fortrea

    Fortrea (Nasdaq: FTRE) is a leading global provider of clinical development and patient access solutions to the life sciences industry. We partner with emerging and large biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies to drive healthcare innovation that accelerates life changing therapies to patients in need. Fortrea provides phase I-IV clinical trial management, clinical pharmacology, differentiated technology enabled trial solutions and post-approval services.

    Fortrea’s solutions leverage three decades of experience spanning more than 20 therapeutic areas, a passion for scientific rigor, exceptional insights and a strong investigator site network. Our talented and diverse team of more than 19,000 people working in more than 90 countries is scaled to deliver focused and agile solutions to customers globally.

    Learn more about how Fortrea is becoming a transformative force from pipeline to patient at Fortrea.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Fortrea.

    Michiel Koeijvoets
    Senior Director Portfolio Oversight  Michiel.Koeijvoets@fortrea.com

    Maarten van Wieringen
    Senior Manager Global Quality Control  Maarten.VanWieringen@fortrea.com

    Ana Mercedes Valencia-Larrea
    Manager Clin Ops AnaMercedes.ValenciaLarrea@fortrea.com

  • GCP Central B.V.
    GCP Central B.V.

    GCP Central biedt online WMO/GCP trainingen aan farma, CRO, biotech en ziekenhuizen. We hebben de nieuwste inzichten over “mobile learning“ gecombineerd met onze kennis van wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Het resultaat? Modulaire, praktijkgerichte elearning in een modern en gebruiksvriendelijk design. Welke altijd en overal beschikbaar voor de cursist: via smartphone, tablet en PC. Of je nou CRA, onderzoeker, arts, verpleegkundige of een ander type research professional bent: Onze volledig online WMO/GCP training legt de Nederlandse wetgeving uit op een op jou toegespitste manier.

    Mw. M.A. Meulemans marieke@gcpcentral.com
    Website: http://www.gcpcentral.com

  • GCP-Service International Ltd. & Co. KG
    GCP-Service International Ltd. & Co. KG

    GCP-Service International is privately owned, mid-size contract research organization (CRO), with branches across Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Czech Republic. Our Branch Office in the Netherlands is located in Nijmegen.

    We provide full-service clinical study solutions for Phase I-IV studies with pharmaceuticals and for medical devices with and without CE mark.

    With our repeat business rate of nearly 100%, our clients profit from our long-term strategy. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has grown to a size that enables us to deliver all required services, while maintaining high flexibility and minimizing overhead costs. This provides GCP-Service with the scope to conduct a wide variety of clinical studies, meeting the individual and specific needs of our clients.

    Our Motto: We do not want to be the biggest CRO, but rather the best CRO, that provides the highest value to our clients! Our clients are organizations that believe “people work with people”, not just “companies with companies”.

    Our Expertise: Your vision is our mission

    GCP-Service team is specialised in different types of clinical studies with key competence in ensuring full delivery of Clinical Trial services fast. Our competence benefits small to midsize clients that require accelerated but accurate execution of their clinical trials.

    Our experts ensure smooth conduct of all clinical studies independent of their complexity, study design, objectives, type of product, medical areas, or even geographical regions reach the goal.

    Specifically, the Dutch Branch Office offers native experts, with locally available and experienced staff who will certainly bring a personal approach and guarantee shorter communication lines.

    Our Innovations: We believe, companies that develop innovative products also need innovative CROs. This demand is our credo. Our skilful team consists of scientists, medical doctors and programmers, who do not consider tradition as a synonym for correctness. Our clients benefit from our people-approach skills and innovative software tools that ensure all clinical studies run in more cost effective, solid and transparent ways.

    Our Experience: Typically, most of our clients have tremendous expertise in their niche medical areas and study products. The GCP-Service team is glad to provide an added value to our clients. We are passionate about all clinical study related tasks, and are happy to engage our professional study teams with core expertise for success from start to finish. We also ensure to involve clinical studies centres/sites with equal or even higher level of medical expertise in that particular medical indication.

    For us, finding the right client, is as essential as finding the right CRO for a sponsor! Finding the right way of partnership decides how we succeed together!

    GCP-Service International: Your full-service CRO for phase I-IV clinical research with drugs and medical devices!

    Contact: René Pulles

    Email: rpulles@gcp-service.com

    Website: https://www.gcp-service.com/

  • ICON Clinical Research (UK) Ltd.
    ICON Clinical Research (UK) Ltd.

    ICON is a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. We specialise in the strategic development, management and analysis of programs that support Clinical Development – from compound selection to Phase I-IV clinical studies.

    In a highly fragmented industry, we are one of a small group of organisations with the capability and expertise to conduct clinical trials and development projects on either a local or global basis. We have the operational flexibility to provide development services on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated “full serviced” solution.

    We offer a full range of consulting, development and commercialisation services from a global network of offices in 37 countries. We focus our innovation on the factors that are critical to our clients – reducing time to market, reducing cost and increasing quality –and our global team of experts has unparalleled experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

    Dhr. T. Huizenga Theo.Huizenga@iconplc.com
    Mw. I. Boddeke ingeborg.boddeke@iconplc.com

    Website: http://www.iconplc.com

  • Intermark Technology ECG Research
    Intermark Technology ECG Research

    Intermark Technology ECG Research entered the market in 2015. The company is a spin-off from Intermark Technology that has over 25 years experience in Holter analyses for Dutch hospitals. Intermark Technology ECG Research is an independent GCP-compliant research organization. We specialize in quality Holter and ECG analyses services (e.g. HRV, thorough QT/QTc) to support pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations.

    Dhr. R.P. Steenbrink ronald@ecgresearch.com
    Website: https://www.ecgresearch.com/


    Quintiles en IMS Health zijn samengegaan en zijn vanaf november 2017 IQVIA, the #HumanDataScience Company™. Gedreven door de zorgsector die we helpen, zijn we gecommiteerd oplossingen te bieden die stakeholders in de zorg helpen vol vertrouwen te innoveren en het maximale uit opportuniteiten te halen. Met als ultieme doel bij te dragen aan betere uitkomsten voor de volksgezondheid. #WeAreIQVIA

    Dhr. Walter de Kok walter.dekok@iqvia.com
    Website: http://www.iqvia.com

  • Julius Clinical
    Julius Clinical

    Julius Clinical is a unique Academic Contract Research Organization (ACRO) that combines strong scientific leadership and operational excellence to conduct innovative national and global clinical trials.

    Our partners include leading pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and food companies, as well as academic investigators. We focus on clinical trials that are likely to have a major impact on medicine and on peopleǯs lives. This type of demanding research requires more than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and our fusion of scientific and operational expertise enables to deliver results efficiently, on time and budget.

    Mw. N. de Vink – niki.devink@juliusclinical.com
    Website: https://www.juliusclinical.com/


    KLIFO BV, formally MediServ, is a contract research organization, established in 1980 as the first of its kind in the Netherlands. KLIFO BV is part of the KLIFO group having its head office in Demark and another subsidiary in Germany. KLIFO BV covers The Benelux. Via the KLIFO group and PSN Research it has access to all European countries, North America and Canada. KLIFO is the service organization for the health industry: the one-stop contractor in clinical research.

    Contact person:
    Mw. Dr. O.B. Jochems info-nl@klifo.com
    Website: https://klifo.com/

  • LAP&P Consultants B.V.
    LAP&P Consultants B.V.

    Leiden Experts on Advanced Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics (LAP&P) is a consulting company offering Modelling and Simulation (M&S) Services to support decision making in Drug Discovery and Drug Development for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

    We strive for further development and application of these techniques by actively participating in scientific research and contributing to education programmes. We also offer tailor-made courses.

    Dhr. H.J. Drenth, PhD h.drenth@lapp.nl
    Website: http://www.lapp.nl/

  • Link2Trials

    Link2trials is the independent website where volunteers (healthy volunteers and patients) can register to take part in medical research, pharmaceutical research, psychological research, nutritional research or the testing of medical devices and products. Researchers, from all over the world, can use this website to find and select suitable healthy subjects or patients for their research. At the same time they are able to place an advertisement of a clinical trial. Subjects (patients or healthy volunteers) are able to participate in different research projects.

    Dhr. S. Klaasen simonklaasen@link2trials.com
    Website: https://www.link2trials.com/

  • Medpace

    As a global leader in research-based drug and medical device development, Medpace builds strong strategic partnerships with select Sponsors to advance the most efficient and cost-effective path to approval. As a therapeutically-focused Contract Research Organization (CRO), we view ourselves as stewards of your drug and device, leveraging our extensive medical and regulatory expertise to deliver additional input, strategy, and efficiencies to each and every phase of the clinical trial. Medpace has the breadth, depth, and flexibility to deliver a superior result, specific to your needs, on six continents.

    Mw. A.M. Saarloos
    Mw. R. Lila
    Website: http://www.medpace.com/

  • Parexel Nederland B.V.
    Parexel Nederland B.V.

    At the heart of getting medicines to those who need them.

    As one of the world’s leading global clinical research organizations (CRO), we provide the clinical development capabilities and integrated consulting expertise it takes to streamline development every step of the way — faster and more cost-effectively. From decentralized clinical trials to regulatory consulting services and leveraging real-world insights, our therapeutic, technical, and functional ability is underpinned by a patient-first culture embedded in our DNA. Our over 18,000 employees have a deep conviction in what we do, and together with our customers, we are shaping the next generation of therapies, one patient at a time. What we do, we do with heart.

    Our values:

    Patients first

    Each of us, no matter what we do at Parexel, contributes to the development of a therapy that ultimately will benefit a patient. We take our work personally, we do it with empathy and we’re committed to making a difference.


    From the smallest detail to the largest, we take quality seriously. We focus in on the detail while never losing sight of the big picture to drive the best possible outcome.


    We recognize and uphold the importance of all people, the way we do things, our quest for innovation and most importantly, our patients.

    Empowerment and accountability

    We follow our hearts, we do the right thing and we have the courage to own the outcome.

    Roos Verhofstad-Konings roos.verhofstad@parexel.com
    Website: https://www.parexel.com/

  • Pharmacokinetic Consultancy Services (Erelid)
    Pharmacokinetic Consultancy Services (Erelid)

    Pharmacokinetic Consultancy Services (PCS) is an independent consultancy company, located in the Netherlands with extended experiences and active in the following areas:

    Pharmacokinetic advise
    Project management
    Special formulation advise
    QA audits and management
    Medical writing and publications
    Training courses
    Regulatory advice

    Dhr. P.J.M. Guelen pharmacokinetics@home.nl
    Website: http://www.pharmaconsultancy.nl/

  • Ponton Clinical
    Ponton Clinical

    PONTON Clinical is transforming close to 15 years of clinical research experience into high-quality  consultancy and project management services at a strategic and operational level to all types of MedTech customers and CROs, all over the world. At PONTON Clinical, it is about early identification and definition of customer need, at any time, and focusing on the things that matter thereafter. PONTON Clinical is your partner to provide the quality support you need, in any stage in the life cycle of your clinical trial, from building the infrastructure to closing out.

    Your person to contact – rob.schneijdenberg@pontonclinical.com

  • PPD (Netherlands) B.V.
    PPD (Netherlands) B.V.

    PPD is a leading global contract research organization providing comprehensive, integrated drug development, laboratory and lifecycle management services. Our clients and partners include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic and government organizations. With offices in 46 countries and more than 15,000 professionals worldwide, PPD applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise and a firm commitment to quality to help clients and partners bend the cost and time curve of drug development to deliver life-changing therapies that improve health.

    Mw. J. Soer janet.soer@ppdi.com
    Mw. M. Eppens marjolein.eppens@ppdi.com
    Mw. N. Oesterholt nicole.oesterholt@ppdi.com
    Website: http://www.ppdi.com/

  • PT&R

    PreCare Trial & Recruitment (PT&R) is een onafhankelijke medisch onderzoekscentrum dat onafhankelijk klinisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek uitvoert. Dit betreft meestal onderzoek met nieuwe geneesmiddelen of voedingssupplementen die nog in een ontwikkelings- en onderzoeksfase zijn of onderzoek naar nieuwe toepassingsgebieden van bestaande middelen. De onderzoeken worden uitgevoerd in opdracht van farmaceutische of voedingsmiddelenbedrijven, andere onderzoeksinstellingen, (academische)ziekenhuizen of overheden.

    PT&R werkt bij het uitvoeren van wetenschappelijk onderzoek samen met huisartsen, patiënten en vrijwilligers. Teneinde u van de juiste informatie te voorzien, kunt u een keuze maken uit een van bovenstaande opties.

    Mw. V.E.K.M. van de Walle vivienne.vandewalle@ptr.nu
    Website: http://www.ptr.nu/Home/

  • Research drive B.V.
    Research drive B.V.

    Research Drive BV is a CRO located in the northern part of the Netherlands. Our team of clinical research professionals and monitors are dedicated to ensure the best outcome of our clients’ clinical trials. In the past two decades, we have managed studies on behalf of more than 80 different clients, which include  Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, and Nutritional companies, Clinical Pharmacology Units, and University/ Top Clinical Hospitals.

    Our expertise includes management and monitoring of complex first in human, feasibility, and Phase I and II studies. We have built knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of therapeutic areas and our team is widely trained to adapt quickly to new innovative areas.

    We provide services in the Netherlands and Belgium, and we have also team with field-based staff throughout Europe.

    Mw. J. Beukema j.beukema@researchdrive.com
    Website: http://www.researchdrive.com

  • Siron Clinical BV
    Siron Clinical BV

    Siron Clinical: Because experience matters

    We’ve set our brand expectations high.

    We aim to be the highest quality and most experienced expert CRO of choice for small and medium-sized biotechs navigating complex European clinical research.

    How do we do it? Our business focuses on 3 core values: Quality, Reliability,  and No-nonsense.

    1. Quality

    It always has, and always will be a top priority for the business and brand. We believe in nothing less, and it lays the foundations for our whole organization.

    2. Reliability

    We know we can make a difference and bring new medicines faster to those in need. That’s why trust and transparency are paramount to the success of our patients, trials, investigators, clients, and partners.

    3. No-nonsense

    For the last 20 years, we’ve been operating a systematic, no-nonsense approach to clinical operations, because we know time is of the essence when it comes to saving lives. We act with compassion, respect, and care. We nurture relationships and projects to build brighter, healthier futures.

    Siron Clinical offers expertise for clinical trials throughout Europe, Israel and Turkey.

    Dhr. J.A.M. Balemans        j.balemans@sironclinical.com
    Website:                                 https://www.sironclinical.com/

  • Syneos Health
    Syneos Health

    Syneos Health™ (Nasdaq:SYNH) is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization. Our company, including a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), is purpose-built to accelerate customer performance to address modern market realities. Created through the merger of two industry leading companies – INC Research and inVentiv Health – we bring together more than 23,000 clinical and commercial minds with the ability to support customers in more than 110 countries. Together we share insights, use the latest technologies and apply advanced business practices to speed our customers’ delivery of important therapies to patients. To learn more about how we are shortening the distance from lab to life® visit syneoshealth.com.


    Website: https://www.syneoshealth.com/

  • TAPAS Group B.V.
    TAPAS Group B.V.

    The TAPAS Group is a team of 5 highly experienced experts in the field of clinical research. Each member has over 20 years experience in all aspects of research including freelance consulting. We believe that Clinical Research can be best facilitated by managing studies according to clear, relevant and standardised processes by using transparent communications and by the employment of adequately trained personell. This belief is reflected in our way of working.

    Mw. T. Lemmens tooslemmens@tapasgroup.com
    Dhr. N. Riegman nicoriegman@tapasgroup.com
    Website: http://www.tapasgroup.com/?lang=nl

  • TFS Trial Form Support B.V.
    TFS Trial Form Support B.V.

    TFS is the leading global mid-size clinical Contract Research Organization. For comprehensive, clinical development services, TFS offers the highest level of competence, experience and personal attention to ensure we achieve the best results for our customers. With our suite of offerings, our customers’ clinical trials will be handled with care and expertise.

    TFS is in the business of improving and refining the delivery of better healthcare outcomes to ensure our customers’ successes. We genuinely believe that being GLOBAL IN MIND AND LOCAL AT HEART is the core of our success; our customers know TFS’ in-depth knowledge about regulatory and clinical trial requirements in every country, ensures a global trial will move faster to market and result in shorter timelines to get treatments to the patients who need them.

    Mw. L. Brugmans Linda.Brugmans@tfscro.com
    Dhr. R. Dijkerman rembrandt.dijkerman@tfscro.com
    Website: http://www.tfscro.com/

  • Up Strong
    Up Strong

    Up Strong aims to facilitate Business Strategy & Management in Life Sciences, to truly innovate and work for what really matters … the patient needs!

    We assist with challenges in the following areas with a strong focus on the human side of the drug development cycle:

    • Training & coaching (communication, feedback & conflict resolution high-performance teams; change management; Lean-based solutions implementation; Golden Circle implementation)
    • Business Strategy (business case development/strategy; vendor selection process; business development support)
    • Patient Engagement (patient landscape mapping, co-creation clinical trials/recruitment strategies, online pre-screening/patient companion service)
    • (Interim-)Management (business operations, business development, executive management & project management)

    Towards true innovation to make our industry more societally acceptable and sustainable!

    Dhr. R.J. Legtenberg
    Website: http://www.up-strong.com

  • Venn Life Sciences
    Venn Life Sciences

    Venn Life Sciences is an Integrated Drug Development Partner offering a unique combination of drug development expertise and clinical trial design and execution. This enables us to create, plan and execute drug and medical device development programs effectively and seamlessly for our clients.
    We have dedicated operations in Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, the US, and Europe-wide representation.


    Mw. M.E.A. van den Dobbelsteen
    Website: www.vennlifesciences.com

  • WCN

    WCN (Werkgroep Cardiologische centra Nederland) network is a dedicated group of experienced cardiologists and well-trained research professionals from nearly 60 non-academic hospitals across the Netherlands. Since the network’s foundation in 1988, WCN has collaborated with many pharmaceutical and medical partners in a variety of clinical trials. The network is a reliable partner, with a proven track record and experts in our field. Quality is one of our priorities and our effective processes allow for an efficient enrolment. WCN positions itself as a key player in the field of clinical research and as the representative of all associated cardiovascular institutes in the Netherlands.

    At WCN we are driven by heart.


    Mw. A. Schut
    Website: www.wcn.life

  • Your Research
    Your Research

    Your Research is an innovative digital platform that enables researchers via apps to remotely involve patients interactively in research, to carry out appointments with patients digitally and remotely and to communicate with researchers and study sites. The platform was created in collaboration with UMC Utrecht and now supports more than 25,000 patients in dozens of studies.

    Your Research is een innovatief digitaal platform waarmee onderzoekers via apps op afstand patiënten interactief kunnen betrekken bij onderzoek, afspraken met patiënten digitaal en op afstand kunnen uitvoeren en kunnen communiceren met onderzoekers en studie sites. Het platform is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met het UMC Utrecht en ondersteunt inmiddels meer dan 25.000 patiënten in tientallen onderzoeken.

    Kees van Ooik
    Website: www.yourresearch.com

Lid worden van de Acron?

Mocht u lid willen worden van de ACRON, dient u zich te registreren. Sinds 1 december 2014 verplicht de ACRON alle leden zich te registreren via de “toetsing en registratieprocedure” van de ACRON. Onderdeel van deze procedure zijn een vragenlijst en de acceptatie van de Code of Conduct van de ACRON. Het doel dat de ACRON nastreeft met deze zorgvuldige
procedure is om als branchevereniging toonaangevend te zijn op het gebied van kwaliteit van medisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek en daarmee de ideale gesprekspartner te zijn voor beleidmakers binnen onze branche.

Wanneer u zich wilt registreren, dient u het formulier compleet in te vullen. U ontvangt dan op korte termijn, mits uw aanvraag gehonoreerd wordt, een e-mail met login gegevens voor het afgeschermde ACRON registratie domein. Binnen dit domein zijn alle benodigde documenten en de vragenlijst en toetsingscriteria beschikbaar. Uw definitieve aanvraag dient vervolgens binnen 4 weken compleet te zijn ontvangen door de ACRON. De toetsing- en registratiecommissie van de ACRON beoordeelt vervolgens uw aanvraag, waarna het bestuur u hopelijk mag verwelkomen als nieuw lid. Mocht U vragen hebben dan kunt U contact opnemen met het ACRON secretariaat.


De klachtencommissie is een onafhankelijke commissie binnen de ACRON. Noch het bestuur, noch de ALV is gemachtigd invloed uit te oefenen op de commissie.  Het bestuur is niet betrokken in de klachtenprocedure. Alleen klachten binnen Nederland en anders dan fraude worden behandeld door de klachtencommissie.

De uitslag van de klachtencommissie is bindend, er is geen beroepsmogelijkheid.

Meldingen kunnen gestuurd worden naar klachtencommissie@acron.nl


Heb je vragen over ACRON? Neem eenvoudig contact met ons op.